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This press conference shows Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy talk about the rookies in mini-camp. This is surprising to see these rookies get the nod of approval from a coach in my opinion the best one in the entire NFL.  These rookies have a lot of potential especially new defensive end Datone Jones and running back Eddie Lacy these two are possible starters for the first game against the San Francisco 49ers. When I first saw this draft class I had my doubts but I saw some potential and it is pretty surprising to see Mike McCarthy sees potential after only a month this is a great draft class.

bilde (1)images (6)


Green Bay Packers Mini Camp
Word has spread that Eddie Lacy had a toe injury that may have cost a lot of his draft stock and falling below Michigan State running back Le’Veon Bell who was the first running back drafted.(Bell was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers)  This was not a bad decision for the Packers to draft Eddie Lacy(The 49ers drafted injured running back Marcus Lattimore from South Carolina who will miss the entire 2013 season) But the difference between the 49ers and the Packers is Eddie Lacy can play this year. Also the Packers have Dujuan Harris and recently drafted UCLA running back Johnathan Franklin to play running back also. The Packers did not draft Eddie Lacy looking for an every down back they drafted him to help their struggling running game, give them an extra blacker and give another threat to their all ready dangerous passing game for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The way the Packers plan to use Lacy reminds me of how the Patriots used Kevin Faulk and the Seahawks used fellow Alabama alum Shaun Alexander. Only time can tell how Eddie Lacy will pan out for the Green Bay Packers.

images (7)Kevin Faulk

In honor of the news of the Packers will be wearing the 1929 throwback jerseys this year against the Cleveland Browns for the October 20th game. I thought it would be funny to do a throwback Thursday post on the Green Bay Packers players.

Aaron Rodgers Cal

images (12)Green Bay Packers vs St. Louis Rams

Clay Matthews USC

images (13)130417204635-clay-matthews-single-image-cut

Jordy Nelson Kansas State


TJ Lang Eastern Michigan


BJ Raji Boston College

large_BJ Rajiimages (14)

Mike McCarthy


Quarterback and Former Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers will appear on Thursday’s episode of The Office. This is the first time  Aaron has acted on a TV show.StateFarmII

Aaron does in fact have a little background in TV in he appeared in the widely popular State Farm (Discount Double Check)  commercials with teammates linebacker Clay Matthews and nose tackle BJ Raji so he has some experience with TV.  Check local listings to see when this episode airs in your area. 


?????????????Clay Matthews has signed a five year 65 million dollar contract that will guarantee him 31 million dollars. This move is a great one  is the best defensive player for the Packers and one of the best in the entire NFL. The Packers have been questioned lately in that they are not picking up players in free agency and the players they pick up are not very big names and also losing Greg Jennings and Charles Woodson. This shows how smart the Packers truly are in making sure the keep their prize players quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews.121128matthews300

Clay has shown he is worth the price he is paid because his play has improved the Packers defense drastically in the short time he has been with them.  He has shown how remarkable he can play for how old he(Clay will be 27 on the 14th of May) is Clay is also one the league’s most popular players because of his hair, sack dance and athletic ability. Clay is also known for appearing in a lot in the media but for good reasons showing a sharp contrast to the rest of league players when shown in the media. In my opinion this is one of the best moves the Packers could make.clay-matthews-baby

Here is a video that shows actor Sam Elliott speaking on how the Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Bowl.

images (3)In the past four years the Green Bay Packers have made the playoffs each of those years. In the past four years the Packers average more than eight wins the past four years. In 2010 the Packers were able to make it into the playoffs as a wild card with the lowest seed and won all their playoff games as an underdog and beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. The next year the Packers did not win the Super Bowl and lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Divisional Round. But the 2011 only had two losses that year. So by looking at these Packers teams over the past four years you can see the future of the Green Bay Packers looks very bright.   (Right Kicker Mason Crosby attempts field goal.)

aaronrodgers   Super Bowl XLV

  • Above Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews celebrate Super Bowl XLV win
  • Above  Nick Collins celebrates touchdown with Clay Matthews